June 11, 2014

What is a healthy heart rate

What is a healthy heart rate? Human heart rate, also known as a pulse, is number of heart beats per minute. Heart rate can vary widely; it all depends on what the requirements we make to our body. For example, during sleep a person will have a much lower heart rate compared with the period of training.

Between the heart rate and the pulse is a certain technical gap, despite the fact that they have the same value: Heart rate is the number of heartbeats per unit time, which is almost always expressed in minutes. This is the number of contractions of the lower heart chambers (ventricles). Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor Review

Pulse (heart rate) - when blood is thrown into the artery heart beat, she expands her. Frequency extensions can be measured either by touch on the wrist or around the neck. According to the medical dictionary Medilexicon: Heartbeat - a "full cardiac cycle, including the spread of the electric pulse and the subsequent mechanical reduction." Pulse - a "rhythmic expansion of arteries produced by the increased volume of blood ejected into the vessel through the contraction of the heart.

Pulse can also sometimes occur in the veins or vascular organs such as the liver. " Doctors and other medical workers measured the heart rate of patients when the heart is analyzed by determining the effectiveness of certain treatments or establishing a diagnosis.  get more info here

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